Boukhili Aymen


  • مكان الإقامة: تونس, تونس
  • التوافر للعمل: عمل حر, عمل بدوام كامل, دوام جزئي, فرصة تدريب
  • سنوات الخبرة: غير محدد
  • مهارات

    فوتوشوب, , تصميم العلامات التجارية, , الإعلان

  • حول Boukhili

    Trainer and Graphic Design

    I fall in love with design since a very long. It was my ambition to work as a graphic designer. I sacrificed a lot of things and surpassed obstacles to learn it. People had no idea how important it was for me. My goal is to become a famous designer that can help other people, be able

  • لغات

    Français, انجليزي, عربية