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Creative Business Cup

August 30, 2012

Creative Business Cup is a competition on business plans from the creative industries.

Business Plan Requirements:

1. The submitted business plan must not exceed 15 pages.
2. The business plan must be written in English.
3. Every business plan should address the majority of the below topics:

a) Base for business.

b) Market and customers.

c) Description of product/service.

d) Competitive situation.

e) Organization and Management team.

f) Analysis of risks.

g) Financial needs.

h) Exit strategy.

Who can participate?

Any citizen with the following requirements:

1. The Ability to speak and to present in English.

2. Business idea and a background from within the creative industries are eligible to compete in the Creative Business Cup.

3. You must own the rights to the idea with which you are entering the competition.

4. A participant can be an individual as well as a group of people collaborating in a management team.

5. Jordanian nationality if you are an individual, but if you are participating as a group, then at least one of the team should be Jordanian and he/she will be the one who’s going to represent your team in the international competition in Denmark in case of wining on the national competition.

6. At least one participant in the management team must have background in one of the creative industries. Besides the individual with a background in a creative industry the management team can consist of people with a professional from other industries.

Restrictions for participation:

There is only one restriction that can deem a company unable to participate in Creative Business Cup which is:

The amount of external capital invested in the participating company must not exceed $500.000 US.

Besides this there are NO requirements for the participating company in relation to the:

1. Age of the company.
2. Turnover of the company.
3. Number of employees in the company.

For more information visit: http://qrce.org/cbc/pages/266

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