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JO BEDU COMPETITION What is Japanese Childhood?

May 18, 2011

JO BEDU COMPETITION What is Japanese Childhood?Growing up in the Arab World in the 80′s and 90′s we were subjected to countless Japanese anime series that were dubbed in classical Arabic that had a huge impact on our childhood and have left their traces on Arab pop culture.

The Japanese Childhood Design Competition seeks to capture this impact.

We are looking for AMAZING designs, by amazing we mean not just clip art but actual illustrations that have great skill and effort invested in them. These designs will be printed on t-shirts, hoodies and more for everyone to enjoy.

We are not looking for a replica of one of the infamous characters from our childhood with their catch phrase. We are looking for the designer’s perspective of their Japanese childhood. To give you a better understanding of what we looking for check out the first releases of the Japanese childhood series:

1. Grendizer

2. Al Itti7adu Quwwa

3. Usual Suspects

4. Il Sufra Il 3ajeebeh

General Guidelines to follow when making a winning design:

- Only Jaw dropping, visually appealing stylish and unique designs with super witty concepts that push all standards of creativity will be considered. i.e nothing basic

- The concept is super original: no similar concept exists, it has never been submitted previously, and isn’t already in the Jo Bedu catalog

- The design is done professionally. (*only Adobe Illustrator designs accepted)

- The design does not use gradients

- The design uses a maximum of 8 colors

- The design does not conflict with socially accepted moral and ethical codes

- The design is not insulting and does not attack a segment of society whether by religion, nationality, race or sex. Jo Bedu wishes to focus on designs that bring people together rather than create social barriers.

- Avoid using English / Arabeezi text

We’re very picky with design submissions. Our tribe expects only with the best artwork and we work hard to always deliver on that promise!

Don’t get upset, but we have no choice but to reject designs that are weak, stolen, and the character in regular shape, and is in natural context.

Submit your designs HERE!

How the Winners are picked:

Accepted submissions will go into a two week voting period on our competition page. Your votes will help the Japanese Childhood Jury, who have the final say, decide on the winners who will take a cash prize of 350 JD’s

And have their design will be featured, in the Japanese Childhood series.

What do you think ?

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