Al Funduq Corporate Identity

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Al Funduq is a Human Resources agency that offers all Hospitality related services, it was branded by The Mojo Ink. Client had a liking for geometric shapes and Arabic calligraphy so the approach was to create an element that combines the two. The logo was created by another designer while i worked on the element and developing it onto all collaterals.

  • Al Funduq Corporate Identity
  • Al Funduq Corporate Identity
  • Al Funduq Corporate Identity
  • مجموعة


    Posted at 16-02-2016

    تحية طيبة .. ممكن طريقة للتواصل ؟

    شكرا لك ..

  • Khalid


    Posted at 03-01-2015

    check my work too: [Hidden]

  • Nura


    Posted at 22-03-2014

    very nice

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Alexis Beirut, Lebanon
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