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Established in 2003, “Fratelli La Bufala –Pizzaioli Emigranti” is managed by the Emme Sei S.p.a. catering group, which manages various franchising restaurant brands. Emme Sei S.p.A. become market leader within few years by the identification of a gap in the restaurant field and by seizing the related opportunity with imagination, efficiency and speed. “Fratelli La Bufala –Pizzaioli Emigranti” is a catering project that places buffalo mozzarella and meat at the core of its food offer. From the beginning the brand has been built on the authenticity of its ingredients and products, with the core aim of spreading throughout Italy and the world, the health benefits of buffalo meat, buffalo mozzarella and the delicious simplicity of true Neapolitan pizza and the quality wines of Campania. Emme Sei S.p.A. mission is to be the ambassador of “being Neapolitan” around the world.

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