Sanabil Mills (Logo Design)

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sanabil mills is a company specialized in creating healthy food based on cereals. Having the best materials and the expert persons, Sanabil Mills assure that their products are unique in both, the aesthetic and the quality sides

Sanabil Mills are growing up quickly investing in new facilities and increasing their sales. As a result, they wanted a mark that will communicate their potential to the public, satisfying more clients and contributing in better health for everybody.

Sanabil Mills asked for a simple and clear logo design that deliver the right message to the public.

For me as a designer, the journey starts as usual with the brainstorming phase which incorporate some sketching on paper to get the right design as quickly as possible, taking into consideration the main goal of Sanabil Mills without deviating from the context or being so confusing or vague.

The next and final stage involves transferring the proper sketch to Adobe Illustrator and adding the final lines as well as a good color palette that dictates their mission and which will be the base for all the upcoming identity and brand design.

  • Sanabil Mills (Logo Design)
    Sanabil Mills (Logo Design)
  • Sanabil Mills (Logo Design)
    Sanabil Mills (Logo Design)

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