2014 Diary for Aramco Overseas Company

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'From Earth & Stone - Architectural Treasures of the Kingdom', is an exclusive corporate diary in the theme of heritage buildings and dwellings of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. The diary features 13 fold-outs showcasing the architectural wonders accompanied with hand drawn illustrations. We brought onboard a team of experts to fulfil the editorial content, picture research and illustration. The diary section includes both Georgian and Hijiri dates with clear monthly divider tabs. The diary folder has an attached bookmark using sadu tent covering material and a notebook at the back. The hand-made gift boxes were developed in the same theme with a matching silk ribbon pull cord. The extensive research and design development as well as the attention to detail in the production helped make this a unique diary.

  • 2014 Diary for Aramco Overseas Company
  • 2014 Diary for Aramco Overseas Company

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