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Voice is still one of the most convenient communication mediums to date, natural to most people and is great for one-to-one communication. We believe feedback is better said than typed.

  • VoicedHQ Project
  • VoicedHQ Project
  • VoicedHQ Project
  • Ashraf


    Posted at 04-05-2015

    you are a PRO amazing work indeed.
    take a look at my projects please

    • Hashem


      Posted at 07-05-2015

      Thanks, Appreciated

  • Mohamed


    Posted at 07-04-2015

    ممكن ترد عليا باكونت الفيس بتاعك لو سمحت :)

    • Hashem


      Posted at 22-04-2015

      عفوا لقد قمت بإلغاء حسابي في الفيسبوك

  • Ashraf


    Posted at 03-01-2015

    Great work keep it up..
    take a look at my projects please:

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Hashem Alexandria, Egypt
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