O Six Gastro Lounge

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  • Last update : 02-10-2014

Aptly named to highlight the unparalleled breathtaking views of Amman old and new, O Six introduces a new take on your lounge experience.

  • O Six Logo
    O Six Logo
  • Signage and Logo Design
    Signage and Logo Design
  • Stationary Design
    Stationary Design
  • Folding Fan Menu Design
    Folding Fan Menu Design
  • Table Tent Design
    Table Tent Design
  • Coasters Design
    Coasters Design
  • Food Flag Design
    Food Flag Design
  • 90's Reloaded Party (NYE)
    90's Reloaded Party (NYE)
  • Halloween Party Poster Design
    Halloween Party Poster Design
  • Chef Uniform Design
    Chef Uniform Design

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Sami Amman, Jordan
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