YEF (youth economic forum)

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YEF (youth economic forum) The Youth Economic Forum (registration number: 261/AD) is an independent, non-partisan, non profit NGO dedicated to empower Lebanese youth in public affairs. Mission Statement The Youth Economic Forum aims to create a platform for dialogue on economic and social issues, with the purpose of encouraging constructive debate, promoting active involvement of the youth in economic policymaking, building confidence between youth and the public sector, and increasing oversight on the government and economic-policy making. The Youth Economic Forum (YEF) is a platform for the collaboration of youth organizations and interested partners from the public sector, private sector, civil society and international organizations. Objectives • Act as a platform for economic dialogue among youth, policymakers and experts from various backgrounds (political and nonpolitical) • Raise recommendations and suggestions to the pertinent policymakers and stakeholders • Empower forum members through knowledge sharing in relation to policy processes related to public finance, public budgeting and socio-economic issues • Facilitate access of forum members to government training, conferences, and research opportunities • Facilitate access to public sector archives and relevant information • Raise awareness of youth on the economic policymaking process and pertinent economic policy issues

  • YEF (youth economic forum)
  • YEF (youth economic forum)
  • YEF (youth economic forum)
  • YEF (youth economic forum)

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