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Today, Lebanon's youth believe their country cannot support their dreams. A result of 38 years of instability and corrupt politics. What they don't know is that back in 1960, a group of ambitious students led by a math professor came together for an incredible project: Getting Lebanon into the Space Race. The Lebanese Rocket Society was born as a modest venture but soon became the pride of the nation. 8 years later, just before their Cedar Rocket was about to be launched into space, the program was suddenly aborted under international political pressure. And the dream was buried in time. Brief: In 2013, a documentary was about to revive this forgotten story. We wanted to excite the youth about the film before it was launched. Idea: We used different mediums that the youth in Lebanon interact with to introduce The Lebanese Rocket Society and ultimately drive them to want to learn more and go watch the movie. Awards - Bronze - Dubai Lynx 2014, Direct - Bronze - Dubai Lynx 2014, Outdoor (Ambient) - Shortlist - Dubai Lynx 2014, Media Agency: Leo Burnett Beirut Sr. Communication Executive: Diego De Artisegui Creative Director: Areej Mahmoud Regional Creative Director: Malek Ghorayeb Associate Creative Director: Davina Atallah Art Director: Lourica Halteh Junior Art Director: Leen Charaffedine

  • LRS - Believe it
  • LRS - Believe it
  • LRS - Believe it

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Lourica Beirut, Lebanon
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