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The Brief: To make the world a better place. My Idea: I have decided to target my own building and promote recycling within it. I know most of my neighbours don’t recycle due to the trouble of accessing the recycling chutes, whom many don’t even know exist. My aim is to instil a habit of recycling and organising weekly pickups of recyclables between neighbours. At the end of each month, the amount of items recycled will be calculated and statistics will show the improvement of recycling rates within the building. *My project was chosen to be displayed in London College of Communication's annual Green Week. The project's journey is available on this website: [Hidden]

  • Fountain House Recycles
  • Fountain House Recycles
  • Iramo_2


    Posted at 07-03-2015

    thats nice, hi, listen r u interested in a full time job?

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