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Designed By Mansoor MJ Pixels Flat UI is a web elements kit which is inspired by FLAT UIs By using Pixels Flat UI you can easily customize your webpage which allows to easily change colors, re size elements and also edit texts. Buy At : [Hidden] This kit comes with following elements : -Video Player -Music Player -Equalizer -Behance Flat UI Profile -Calender -Weather -Youtube Flat UI player -Create an account -Date -Time -Image Slider -Color Selector -Twitter Flat UI Profile -Google Maps -Tags -Sliders -Pagination -Price table -Setting box -Dashboard -Carousel Menu -Notices & Alerts -Radio Buttons -Check Buttons -Icons -Social Icons Buttons -Iphone Flat - White & Black -Ipad Flat - White & Black Buttons: -Register -Sign In -Sign Up -Download -Upload -Add comment -Post a comment -Love It -Share -Reply -Buy -Favorite -Load More -View -Post Fonts : HelveticaNeueLT, Montserrat, Tw Cen MT. Note : 1. This kit is divided into two PSDs :- PSD 1 and PSD 2. 2. I dont own the images used in this kit.

  • Pixels Flat UI
  • Bashir


    Posted at 11-01-2016

    تصميم رائع

  • Ahmed


    Posted at 30-07-2014

    شغل ممتاز

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