Eagle Chemicals Factory

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Our all new design for Eagle Chemicals amused us while we were working on it because we had to study the factory very well and become one of the team before we actually comeout with this design. It wasn’t very difficult and your current website helped us alot during this process. After researching the web and taking a look at other chemical factories on a national and international base, and after our brainstorming session we cameout with all these functions and options to include in your future website. We used your logo identity and colors to reflect your current image, but we had to add more colors to our palette like yellow and green to make it look more alive and to standout infront of your viewers eyes. On the top of the design we put a sliding banner of “What We Do” which is a list of the chemicals you have divided by the services you provide like Car Coating for example as shown and it is clickable, it directs them to the “What We Do” page for your users to learn more about this service. Right below that slider we have the main buttons and then the main wide animated slider with several messages that talks about your goals and achievments for your lients to learn and be amazed. Search Our Products came first on the body of the website and the honey flash pattern right next to it then a brief about you. As you scroll down on the website you will see that we gave your users a portions of what your website has like videos, our factory, feedback, downloads, suppliers and more. Then finally the buttons again on the footer to make it easier for your visitors to decide which paage then want to view without having to scroll back up on the page. We worked very hard to comeout with this design proposal and we all on behalf of Egypt Online team hope that it fits your expectation and we are looking forward to working with you and to having this website come to life.

  • Eagle Chemicals Factory
  • Eagle Chemicals Factory

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