Web Copywriter - Arabic & English - Part Time


تفاصيل الوظيفة

Excellent command over the English & Arabic languages. Expert writing skills, editing and proof reading abilities.
Ability to write concise, attention grabbing and hard-hitting copy that puts the message across.
Creative bend of mind with strong visualization skills.
An understanding of your business and its goals
An understanding of your customers and their needs
An understanding of SEO
An understanding of Internet writing styles

Major required skills
have an eye for detail
possess exceptionally inventive writing skills
be a master of spelling, grammar, and punctuation
have a knack for finding the kind of message that appeals to the targeted market segment
have an understanding of what kind of message may confuse or offend the targeted market segment
be able to accept negative responses and disapproval
be ready to adjust personal ideas in response to other people's requirements
This job can be a very challenging job. The tone of voice used when writing copy needs to be just right to meet the goals of Social Media websites.

وظائف اخرى