Looking For A Freelance Graphic Designer For A Logo & Some Art Work!


تفاصيل الوظيفة

I have been running a show for the past year called Saba7oKorah and need someone to help me out with Art Work and designs including a logo, facebook cover page, and some graphics for breaks between different sections in the episode (you can see I'm using standard Imovie animations for the current breaks, something I need to change).
You can call it a complete branding job to the show!

Saba7o Korah is a weekly show that talks about football!
Might sound simple but indeed it's not.
The approach of the show is to talk in deep technical and tactical details analyzing football games, while in the same time having some sarcasm and throwing in jokes to keep the general mood of the episode light, fun & entertaining.

I always try to find the light balance between fun & deep technical talks to try and grab audience from the widest range of audience.

My targets are males, usually between the age of 12-45...so Males in general and specifically the ones interested in FOOTBALL!
I would like my Art Work to reflect that aspect of my show...welcoming people to saba7o Korah...for tactics & fun!

The ideas I have in mind is for the logo to have a Caricature of my face embedded in it, with a gesture that I do in the start of each episode.
While for the other Art Work, is to still belong to the Logo 'theme' yet have cartoonish sketches of landmarks of different countries in Europe that I talk about in the Show (Italy/England/Germany/Spain/France etc..)

Please take a couple of minutes to look at the Channel and some episodes on the following link to have a better feel of the show;

In case you are into simple 2D animations, then I might consider doing a brief 5 second anime to work as an intro of the show, something basic and getting its identity from the logo..however i'm still interested in your graphic design even if you're not into animation.

Note that my show was featured twice live on Al Jazeera Sports channel + a number of top Sports websites in the region...so this could also be a great opportunity for your work to grow and find new audience.

Feel free to contact me at anytime...and keep in mind that time is Key as I'm looking forward to launching Season 2 very soon!