Logo And Brand Guidlines Needed / تصميم علامة تجارية


تفاصيل الوظيفة

We need Brand Style Guidelines for a start-up, this should include:
1. Logo
a. Logo (more than one concept to choose from, before deciding the other items)
b. Inspiration
c. Horizontal and vertical representations of your logo with and without tagline, as needed
d. Varying logo sizes and colors
2. Branding Visual Elements (design elements can be used as watermark, background, header, footer…etc.)
3. Colors
a. Color palettes
b. Provide RGB, HEX, and CMYK equivalents for colors
4. Fonts
a. Typeface size, line height, headings, bullets…etc.
b. Spacing
c. Font colors
5. Stationary: Sample view of how the branding will look like on different media
a. Business card
b. Envelopes
c. Mug
d. Packaging
e. Cap
f. T-Shirt
6. Website Homepage Design (Arabic RTL)

Deliverables should be:
1. PDF & PSD: Put them all together (Logo, Branding Visual Elements, Colors, Fonts, Sample Stationary, Website Homepage Design) in one PDF (along with its source .psd files for eah item), something similar to this: http://issuu.com/bondo/docs/skype_brand_book_-_look?e=1099150/2586809
2. AI: .ai file for Logo and Brand Visual Elements

General Requirements:
1. Design should reflect Arabic art or calligraphy
2. Design should follow Google Material Design

وظائف اخرى