Interesting Facts - Muslims and Arabs Stereotypes :This video will show you the truth . As a Muslim and Arabic Woman, who follows a lot of news , reads a lot of books and watches a lot of movies and media , I came across a lot of false facts about Muslims and Arabs in a form of misleading stereotypes which reflects zero of our actual reality and culture and expose a dark side of the world outside of the middle east / Muslims nations ,which is filled with ignorance and hidden agendas. This Video is dear to my heart so please watch it to the end and share it ,like it عالم بسمة بالعربيand subscribe to .

  • Interesting Facts - Muslims and Arabs Stereotypes

اشترك معنا أو قم بـ تسجيل الدخول لكي تستطيع التعليق .

Basma Amman, Jordan
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