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www.maisonmaatouk.com In 1960 Mahmoud Maatouk father of Samira Maatouk, a pioneering coffee enthusiast, inaugurated the first Maatouk Maison du Café in Azarieh, Downtown Beirut. The café specialized in freshly roasted premium coffee with uniquely distinguished blends and became widely acclaimed for its outstanding brew. A Passionate, dynamic and ambitious entrepreneur, brought the genuine heritage of her father Mahmoud Maatouk into an innovative, futuristic and sensorial identity… She founded “Maison Samira Maatouk .. Maison de Qualite Fondee En 1960”.. A Café Et Bistro Brand that is very much innovative yet authentic and true to its origins. The excellence that has always been on the inside of every package is now identifiable from the outside. The website was designed at Koein.

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Vanessa Beirut, Lebanon
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