Maaloula City

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The final was to design a flag for a country or city in Syria to represent its identity. As for the second part of the project is to design something that would promote the identity of the city/town.
We chose Maaloula a town north Damascus,at an altitude of over 1,500 meters. It is a touristic town. We focused mainly on representing the christian touristic aspect, their food, and their famous crafts. Maaloula is the only region in the world that still speaks the Aramaic language of Jesus Christ. It is very beautiful village, the houses are stacked in layers on top of each others in the mountain.

Designed by

Lise Abdel Messih 

Rana Walid 

Habiba Zakaria 

Mai El Maraghy

Supervised by

Ghalia Elsrakbi

  • Maaloula City

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