رسمتي هي عباره عن غلاف لقصيدة: *Red Woman's Paradise* للشاعر الامريكي: Ron Button وقريبا سوف يتم نشرها باميريكا ..انا سعيده جدا لانه تم اختيار شخصيتي الخياليه التي احب ان ارسمها دائما غلاف للكتاب ‏‎... واليكم بعض من كلمات القصيده :Sweet spring waters bathe the woman of red. Precious nourishment of the sunshine glimmers onto each flower. Alive is her garden as the purist nectars cascade from the hillside showers. Promise is the miracles in the brilliance of the rainbows. Eloquence of the beauty of her touch that she bestows. The garden of her making to be born again and again. The red woman's touch glorifies the nature of where life begins.

  • Red Woman's Paradise
    Red Woman's Paradise

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Ghada Jeddah, Saudi Arabia
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