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Dear Mr./ Ms. Hope my mail finds you well, We are a company that works since 3 years ago in animation cartoons, we use to work with a partnership with a companies in Cyprus, Now we are looking to expand our work, and make our own story boards and sell it to children channels mainly MBC3, because we have a very good and close relationship with this channel, but this is depend on the quality of our works. We are seeking to hire a new employees in our company that are talented in this field, an expert people recommended your names, so I'm looking forward to receive from you your CV and some samples of your works in animation cartoons field ( drawing, film-making, digital animation, 2d, 3d, 2d cut......), through this mail, our company works on Apple computers, and its offices in Amman. Now we have a new ready three stories, because of that we need a lot of employees to work with us. The last date of receiving the requirements 15-December-2015, only talented one's will request for interview, and under-go forthe exam. Best Regards Dr. Nisreen Sh. [[Hidden]]

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