An electric company that provide services to schools, hospitals, hotels and offices in electric field

  • Coffe cup design
  • Front side
    Front side
  • Right side
    Right side
  • Left side
    Left side

اشترك معنا أو قم بـ تسجيل الدخول لكي تستطيع التعليق .

Osama Amman, Jordan
  • تواصل

  • Old Man Playing Oud / 2D final - PSUT (Cheap Thrills cover)
  • lib sync (voice over) 2D bonus assignment - PSUT
  • Mr. Angro, plark, Rausso and Vielor in a picnic
  • Digital drawing practice
  • Maddy (The Rabbit)
  • "Gary" from spongepop 3D character