Beauty Sense

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In this project, I decided to model an existing parfum package that
I had in home and which I w anted to represent in 3D with the best
lightning and materials setup.
My project was based on the ETERNAL ROYAL LONKOOM
parfum package with some of my touches over some aspects, and from
that point, I started the modeling process as I had already the main
reference in hands.
With all the pieces being modeled, from the solid ones to the
clothing, the next step was to setup the materials roughly just to have
the overall appearance and correct the unexpected results.
I started next the lightning process which had to be accurate in
order to represent the assets in very good shape. I u sed the mental
ray photometric lights which give accurate lightning behavior, the
materials in that stage had to be revisited for further enhancements.
Ultimately, the only thing left to do is to create cameras from
different views to show off the models clearly and then launch the
rendering process.
Some adjustments after the f inal renders were made in photoshop just
to accentuate the brightness of the overall lightning.

  • Beauty Sense
  • Beauty Sense
  • Beauty Sense
  • Beauty Sense
  • Beauty Sense
  • Beauty Sense
  • Beauty Sense
  • Beauty Sense

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