Treasures Hunter

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I have sculpted this awesome powerful character using the Zbrush software.
In the early stages of this project, I w as looking for an idea to put hands
on, and so a g reat one came to me, which was to build some kind of strong
creature or character known with his malecious and evil powers and thoughts.
For the actual story behind this character, I decided that he will be an actual
energy or some special kind of treasure thief. He always search in the whole
univers for some kind of energy sources to steel and then sell with much
higher prices to those who care about. He have tremendous amount of power
in digging to the undergrounds and facing other creatures or monsters that
stands against him.
Actually, the univers is also plenty of other energy defenders or protectors
whose, there primary role, is to protect these sources with there powerful and
scary abilities.
With the actual story in mind, I started in Zbrush by blocking out basic
shapes. I decided to give my character a special gesture early in the sculpting
stage, with the help of implied lines of actions that shows his tremendous
amount of power and evil. I had to pass next to the detailing process which
involves adding secondary forms with regard to the overall outline and
proportions. After this process has been taken care of, I decided to add
a f inal pass of details, which were tertiary shapes that allow for further
amount of realism.
I was then able after that to give my character simple materials and do some
lightning setup to show off my sculpture in the best way.
Ultimately, the f inal stage was to transfer the rendered image out of Zbrush
to photoshop to do some post production workf low which had involved some
painting works to make the overall composition looks better and to put the
character in the actual story.

  • Treasures Hunter

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