Its Cleaning Time

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This beautiful piece of artwork was created and rendered with
just 3dsMax from start to f inish with some post production
workf low within Photoshop.
I began the project by blocking out the overall look of the
design I w as looking for, which was a beautiful bathroom with
nice patterns in the wall and a n ice ray of sun entering from one
side of the bathroom. When the blocking phase has been done,
I thought about some nice patterns I could use in the walls to
make them look really like bathrooms without the actual needs
of a lot models.
I then started to put in the models together, instantly after
that, I setup the light system that was primarily consisting of a
sun light and some interior l ights to would enhance the overall
lightning scheme used, then I applied materials to each element
and t weaked them carefully to have some nice ref lections and
refractions componants which, of course, are very important for
these kinds of scenes for realism purpose.
Finally, with everything setup correctly, I rendered the f inal
image out from 3ds max with some addiitonal passes which I
have used in photoshop to do some t weaking over the brightness
and contrast of the scene.
I continued to add minor t weaks until I achieved the look
which I found to be very appealling.

  • Its Cleaning Time

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