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This modern design of a brochure was created with indesign’s powerful features. I started by calculating the exact dimensions necessary for this kind of brochure that actually was a Trifold type. I u sed next some guidelines to keep everything cohesive and organized, I i ncorporated graphical principles to increase the readability of content and give an interesting look. For the choice of colors, I decided to choose a scheme color comprised of purple, magenta and yellow, as they gave me a n ice feeling of happiness, mysteriousness and elegance at the same time. For the show off stage. I have chosen to extract the spreads as images and applying t hem within 3ds Max to a brochure model, and thus having a rendered version which, of course, I had to do a setup for, with mental ray and some lights adjustments. Finally, the only thing left to do is to render the f inal image out of 3ds Max and do some post production workf low to help emphasis the beauty of the render.

  • Brochure Design

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