OH in the lost garden

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With the OH character already modeled and rigged with a nice flexible system (see the Awesome OH page), I started to think about some way to integrate it in some kind of environment. The idea attracted me the most was having him walking in some kind of garden which I decided after to be a lost garden in some unknown strange place and mysterious. I began the process by posing OH in a such interesting way to show him in a su rprised attitude, happy or shocked of something he found in the grass. I had to model next the actual environment which contained very complex types of species and assets. The 3ds max poweful features allowed me to create those assets, and, with some manipulating and organizing, I w as able to reach to a point where I w as happy with the look of the scene. By having the scene modeled and organized, I decided in this stage to place OH in the right place to get a very appealing and story telling composition. The last steps then involves setting lights and materials for the different models, and test rendering until everything looks the way I w ant. I added a final pass of corrections and some additional adjustments within photoshop to enhance the overall look and beauty of the composition and story.

  • OH in the lost garden

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