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This beautiful render was created initially with 3ds max, with the use
of Zbrush for sculpting and Photoshop for some retouching workflow.
I always start my projects by gathering references, just to be on the
safe side and to achieve realistic results, unless I am going for a more
stylized look.
I started by creating the basic shapes in 3dsMax and transfering them
to Zbrush to sculpt them in much higher resolution which allows me to
add much more detail to the leaves, petals and branches.
For the painting process, Zbrush offers a very powerful way to paint
directly into the models, and extract the passes directly to use in
3dsMax, or any other packages available, for the f inal rendering.
I then went to 3ds max to setup the scene fo the f inal rendering
stage. I u sed vray as my rendering engine, with its awesome rendering
features and lightning capabilities. I started with setting up the lights
and t weaking the materials to mimic the looking I w as going after.
When I was happy with the results, I rendered the final image out
and transfered it to Photoshop for some additional adjustements which
gave me much greater control over the aspects of the rendering.

  • Beautiful Present

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