Abd Zouhier


  • مكان الإقامة: بيروت, لبنان
  • التوافر للعمل: عمل حر
  • سنوات الخبرة: غير محدد
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  • حول Abd

    I have an experience in Quality -ISO 9001, occupational health & Safety-OHSAS 18001, Environment-ISO 14001, Information security-ISO 27001, risk-ISO 31000, and change management system: marketing, implementation, maintenance, development, Auditing and Training.

    Additional to process management practices, determining the organization's Environmental Aspects and Impacts, Hazard Identification and Risk Assessment, Calculating the carbon footprint, integrating the management systems, Implementing Japanese lean, Toyota (TPS),

  • لغات

    الانجليزي, العربيه
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