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Our all new design for your Egyptian Football Association amused us while we were working on it as a design and creation crew. Why? Because during the team brain storming session we realized that we will like to come out with the best soccer portal online while using the same identity of the logo of the E.F.A. It’s your logo spirit and our designers creation, we are never going to re invent the wheel even though we can. We used the goal net and the Egyptian flag on the background same as in the logo. For the first time you will see two lines of main buttons on top of each other. We used one font style on the whole website to keep it clean and simple. We made a special part for the ultras to drag more traffic and to unite your organization with the ultras. On the main slider you will see it changes in a very unique way to show different options for your viewers. We also added a section for games for the first time on an egyptian sports website.

  • Egyptian Football Association
  • Egyptian Football Association

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Ibrahim Cairo, Egypt
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