Ambien Peace

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In this amazing peaceful ambiant type of artwork, I w as primarily inspired by a Mosque near my house. I w as every day, when accomplishing my prayers, looking at the Impresive look of the pillars and the nice looking of Zellij patterns used in Morocco architectural designing, also the nice feeling behind this scene which pushes me to recreate it in 3D. I started this exciting project by blocking out the overall look of the building, I felt that setting up the lightning setup directly after that could help me get a sense of what the scene should look like in the f inal image. I t hen started setting up the Zellij patterns and the look of materials I a m going for. Next, when everything was tied together, I setup the mentalray, which was the render engine used in this project, properties and then rendered out several views to show off my work in great details. The f inal stage was the post production within AfterEffects which consists off adding some minor t weaks to the overall composition until I w as happy with it.

  • Ambien Peace
  • Ambien Peace
  • Ambien Peace
  • Ambien Peace

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Anass Casablanca, Morocco
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