Game Concept Artist


تفاصيل الوظيفة

  • دوام كامل
  • مكان الإقامة:   الأردن
  • المهارات :  
  • ميزانية العمل :   غير متوفر
  • سنوات الخبرة :   1-2

- Beladcom is one of the leading Game Developer companies in the region, as a Concept Artist you will be expanding your career in Game Development with one of our AAA teams to concept, prototype and explore ideas for our games.

* Work with the Art Director and Concept Artists to create and maintain the vision for the games.
* Implement high levels of Creativity, Innovation and Productivity.
* Be self motivated and demonstrate initiative; excellent ability to work in a team or alone, share concepts, ideas.
* Develop and maintain a standard of art by providing a wide variety of different and viable solutions.


* Versatile and exceptional 2D art skills
* Painting skills in traditional and/or digital media
* Excellent life drawing sketches
* Advanced understanding of color and perspective
* Demonstration of a concept's evolution from rough ideation to a final tight drawing or "blueprint"
* An excellent understanding of the principles of design
* Experience with Adobe Photoshop
* 3D modeling experience (such as Max or Maya) is a plus
* Passion for games, joy of game play and an eye for details.

- Interested applicants may forward their resume and submit a 2D portfolio through TasmeemMe.
Please include samples from at least three of the following categories:
* Experience with Adobe Photoshop
* Environment - Architecture integrated with terrain
* Interior architecture
* Character/Costume design
* Vehicles and technology
* Props, items, objects

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