Scouting For Long-term Project Team Members (Drupal)


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Salam Habibtis & Habibis and Best of Greetings from The Sultanate of Oman,

My name is Yahya Hautamaki and I am the founder and a Chief Creative Officer here at Al Haqq Agency.

We are building a long-term project team of trustworthy professionals and at the moment we are looking to find people with some solid Drupal skills. You can be also a seasoned code-warrior who is willing to dive in to the world of open-source CMS.

I've already tried the Drupal.org forums and most of the contacts from there were clearly overpriced or talent-wise not up to the par.

Our agency motto is:
"When good enough is not good enough."

Might sound 1337 but we do _go_ for the extra mile. But it doesn't mean we do it with a taste of blood in our mouths. This attitude has given us by the grace of Allah (SWT) numerous honours in the regional award shows and we aim to keep riding that wave, ins-Allah.

Our cases are technically challenging and multifaceted so this is not for beginners or rock star wannabe's. Ok, ok, but you still need to have the flame!

We have been involved in web development since 1995. Working with us is easy as uno-dos-tres, no need to explain basics or worry about the good old 'fuzzy logic' in client/project management.

All the projects are estimated, quoted and time-lined accordingly. Non-disclosure Agreement and an advance payment of 50% is within our Terms & Conditions.

From you we require the same honest and transparent attitude. At this level there is no time to hold your hand so you need to be a self-starter and show some real effort to come up with a solution = optimised, scalable and valid code. No hacks, please.

Obviously your compensation would follow suit; We respect and support our team members fully and the pay is equal the level of your skills and commitment.

Because you would be working distantly through the web, this opportunity is open for sisters and brothers alike.

Otherwise we are relaxed, cool & dandy - your preferred partner!

Please see our TasmeemME profile and
holla back with references and your rates if you are interested.

With Kind Regards - Salam 'Aleikum Wa Rahma, Yahya
Al Haqq Agency



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