Call For Participant - “Peace Bag For Euro-Mediterranean Youth” - Training Course


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“Peace Bag for Euro-Mediterranean Youth” - Training Course

Call for Participant

Long term programme proposals

(Frozen dates) March 1-10, 2010 (excluding travel days)

Vilanova i la Geltrú (Barcelona), Spain

This training course will bring together 24 young people (18 to 35 years old), from European and South Mediterranean countries, actively involved in youth work. Participants should be competent in spoken and written English. (Only one Participant from Jordan)

Because of the need to increase knowledge and understanding among cultures, combat stereotypes, and foster cooperation in the field of joint youth initiatives among Euro-Mediterranean countries. This training course´s long-term goal is to broaden and strengthen the peace constituency among the youth in the Euro-Mediterranean region.

General Objectives
To foster intercultural understanding and mutual respect through dialogue, while at the same time, building capacities and skills for peace work among the youth participants.

To implement a 2-phase intercultural platform where young people can experience and work out a PEACE BAG - a tool box on intercultural understanding and conflict transformation in youth work.

To further enrich the intercultural learning dimension of each organization, taking into account the shared experiences of partners working in the similar field.

To foster future cooperation among youth leaders by realizing common values within Euro-Mediterranean´s rich cultural diversity and its value in international youth peace work.

Expected Outputs
The training is expected to create concrete results, such as:
A network of contacts between European and South Mediterranean countries.
Increased understanding and appreciation of Euro-Mediterranean culture
Cooperation projects and initiatives related to peace and conflict transformation
Increased competences of participants and their organizations to engage in Euro-Mediterranean cooperation and to integrate the learned intercultural perspectives in their work.
A PEACE BAG for intercultural understanding, to be used and carried out in different global and local contexts

Methodology and Activities
The course is designed to give participants the opportunity to experience and reflect upon activities and concepts central to peace and intercultural understanding based on experiential learning approaches. It is designed as a mutual learning situation, where participants can compare their approaches to training across the Euro-Mediterranean area in a dialogical intercultural approach and setting.

A diversity of working methods will be used for learning about peace, intercultural dialogue, communication, creativity and personal development. The previous experience of participants in the formal and non-formal fields will be the starting point of the programme and of the learning process.

Activities will include a combination of games, group work, role plays, simulation exercises, group presentations, short movie festivals, actual visits, cultural nights, language lessons, group cooking of different cultural foods, and individual reflection.

This training will seek to reflect cultural and gender diversity among its participants to ensure equality of opportunity and rich intercultural learning.

Non-formal approach.
The non-formal approach includes a focus on equal, friendly, innovative, attractive, entertaining, personal and involved relationships, as opposed to authoritative, distant and detached relationships. The training will remain flexible and adaptable to individual and group needs, and local contexts.

This training will be carried out by the participants themselves as equal partners in determining their own development and progress towards achieving the said objectives. Young people´s control over activities is generally promoted and reflects the empowerment aims.

The working language of the training

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