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Media Orientalis is a new affiliate marketing division of an international telecommunications carrier that services ethnic communities in the US and Canada. We're looking to develop the following:

1. logo design for:

a. Media Orientalis, LLC. This is a company that targets advertisers targeting ethnic markets through affiliate marketing.
b. Al Rabbit: is the retail website that provides all types of services to Arab American communities. The word Al-Rabbit means The Link in Arabic, and I do want to show that script in Arabic (along with English, of course)
c. Silki LaSilki; Is an international long distance service (means Cable and Wireless in Arabic)
d. PointDigger.com is an affiliate marketing website that offers rebates, coupons and enables customers to accumulate points.

In addition to the logos, I'd like to do a variety of animation and possibly live videos to explain how each product works.

We're also interested in developing Websites for each product/ company.

The design model for the websites should be similar to groupon.com and or/ mypoints. with some flash capability.

Finally, we're interested in developing web applications and mobile applications to serve interactive (clickable ads to our subscribers.

Thank you


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