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I'm looking for a designer to create multiple unique designs for websites that are similar to pageinsider.com/psprint.com

The website should be web 2.0 style. If you look at pageinsider.com you will notice that it has a cartoonish / small icons on the design. Don't make it professional, boring and dull. Make it web 2.0, little icons, colorful, and lively (cartoon characters). Make it look like a cool site..The site is suppose to give the user a glimpse of the internet. A glimpse of pages of different things on the internet like webpages, videos, tweets, etc+

A good examples of the look and feel we are looking for: Especially bulkdomainchecker.
(see how they uses different colors, and the layout is unique)

BulkaZoid is important because it is COLORFUL and cartoonish..it has a character :)

We are looking for someone to make multiple designs which are all unique but with the same feel.

Please send your portfolio if you have sites SIMILAR to this. if you do NOT have sites similar to a web 2.0 design then email me a rough mockup and we can go from there.

The one-page-mockup should include:

1. design of heading (make sure the heading has some icon to it..like Server information can have a small icon of a computer to the left of the heading ) ,
2. content layout (border, different background, etc see mockup_example)
3. sample data inside the content so i can see how it will look

Please follow the above 3 steps for all of these headings: (Note sample data for each of these can be found at http://www.pageinsider.com/psprint.com and http://www.siteglimpse.com/john.com

1. Website Information
2. Page Analysis
3. Sub domains
4. Rank
5. Reviews and Comments
6. Coupons and Savings
7. WHOIS information
8. Server Information
9. bing Web Results
10. bing News Results
11. bing Image Results
12. bing Related Search Results
13. bing Phonebook Results

Lastly make sure your design has google ads (that is how we make money!) (please note mockup_example does not have that, make sure your mockup does have it ) ..there are three major ad sections (you can see how we are displaying them on siteglimpse.com/john.com and pageinsider.com/psprint.com ..Feel free to radically change layout and ad placement but make sure you are displaying ads at three different places in your mockup.

NOTE: Please apply asap, i have a lot of these types of sites i need to design. If I like your work i will hire you immediately (not after bidding is over). I will do this by creating a new project and hiring you specifically.

The BEST way to get hired quickly is to send me a rough mockup.

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