Junior Animators


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As part of a project team, you will ensure the successful planning, development and creation of 3D items and spaces. Candidate must have experience in modeling polygonal objects, using Maya and 3Ds Max. Candidate must present a current portfolio showing clean 3D modeling & high quality texture work.

All portfolios must contain a detailed shot breakdown of the work.

* Must include a description of responsibilities represented in the demo reel.

* Visually and technically detailed 3D models.

* UV layout & final shaders composed for characters

* Unwrapped textures applied to buildings, characters or organics.

* Wire frame visualization showing effective use of polygonal faces.

* Examples of the above in a low poly format.

Required Skills

* The ability to successfully (and efficiently) model 3D items and spaces (with strict polygon budgets) utilizing widely accepted 3D modeling software and hardware tools.

* Model 3D character elements, environment objects & vegetation.

* Create UV maps with acceptable layout, use of space and minimal texture distortion.

* Create efficient Color, Normal & Specular map textures to the appropriate style and standard.

* Performing QC of the materials produced.

* Documentation of creative and technical issues.

* Interfacing with in-house and outside content providers to resolve issues and answer questions.

Preferred Skills

* Minimum 2 -3 years experience working as a 3D Modeler.

* Related college degree desired.

* Extensive knowledge in modeling polygonal objects, using Maya and/or 3DS Max art packages.

* Excellent problem solving skills and attentiveness to detail.

* Strong interpersonal skills to work with team members, related departments and clients

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