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New and differnt website in the Arab world looking for professional consultants and specialists with experience in many areas.

If you are an expert in one of the following fields and want to work as a freelance from home, from anywhere, at a time that fits your lifestyle .

If you are an expert looking for ways to provide your expertise to more customers and consumers who are seeking professional advices and services.

We will provide you with additional information .We prefer experts with above 7 years of experience except some new fields.

Experiences and requirements that we are looking for:

1. Counselling: (psychological counseling, Coaching and personal development, addictions, therapists,coping with crisis and physical conditions , counseling for students students, eating disorders, parenting, pastoral and religious counseling , personal development, personality and emotional disorders, relationship issues, translation services , party services, special tests and examinations, social media, shopping, design and creative services, spirituality and religion).

2. Business & Finance: (Accounting and Tax , Angels & private equity ,entrepreneurship, Business planning , management of the economy and self-domestic, , business planning, career & Job services, human resources, Employment issues ,small business, e-commerce, Credit & Debt, real estate, corporate law, Finance planning ,industrial products & services , insurance ,general management , international business, investment, marketing and advertising, mortgage & Loans , non-profit organizations).

3. Health and Medicine: (Mental & Emotional health ,Child and Adolescent Health, Alternative Medicine, Chiropractic Medicine, diet and nutrition, assistance, mental and emotional, Medical publications and researchers, emergency medicine, medical education , medical ethics, men health , women health , nursing, occupational therapy, parenting , personal fitness, pharmacology , physical therapy , pregnancy and childbirth, respiratory therapy, sex therapy, a variety of medical specialties, speech therapy)

4. Legal services: (law firms, accidents and personal injury, criminal law, family law, immigration law, insurance law, international law, legal research, tax laws, wills and trust, small claims, ).

5. Education and private lessons: (chemistry, child education, college planning , computer science, earth sciences, engineering, graduate education, homework assistance, humanities, languages, life sciences, mathematics, physics, schools, science and technology, social sciences, space education , special education,professional training ).

6. Technology: (Computer and programming, applications ,video games, computer repair, databases, help for beginners, handhelds / PDAs, mobile programming, operating systems, security and encryption, Telecommunications, web development).

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