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We need a logo and a website design for a price comparison website containing about 10 different pages designs (templates)

1- Homepage (check pricegrabber.com to get an idea, will be much simpler)
2- Search results (search grid of products), check this to get an idea: http://electronics.pricegrabber.com/tablets-e-readers/ipad/p/5908/form_keyword=ipad/rd_type=P/rd=1
3- Stores page (list of stores and logos)
4- Categories listing page (a simple list of categories and subcategories, check this for example : http://autoparts.pricegrabber.com/)
5- simple about us page
6- Product page (check this for an idea: http://electronics.pricegrabber.com/tablets-e-readers/m/1078583328/search=ipad)
7- product comparison page

Note that above URLs for page examples are provided to give an idea only, not to guide the design of our website.

Deliverables will be
a- Logo
b- Wireframes.
c- PSD files

We want a responsive and minimalistic design. clear functionality and "not cluttered"

Please specify your experience, link of previous projects, your estimated timeframe to deliver and price.

Thank you

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