Web Design


تفاصيل الوظيفة

  • دوام كامل
  • مكان الإقامة:   الأردن
  • المهارات :  
  • ميزانية العمل :   غير متوفر
  • سنوات الخبرة :   1-2

Job Role:
As a Web Designer you will be responsible for the overall design of web pages and choosing components that make the web page visually attractive, including fonts, backgrounds, animation, and graphics.

Job Responsibilities:

• Responsible for the development and creation of websites.
• Establish the purpose of the website based on its target audience.
• Develop the layout and the overall look of websites.
• Create graphic and media essentials using Photoshop, Flash and other media applications.
• Ensure that websites are user-friendly and interactive.
• Design webpage layout and write and edit content.
• Update websites and create back up files.
• Work on improving image presentations and other features on the websites.
 Photoshop – Illustrator – In design – Flash – Web concept - HTML – CSS.
• Ability to learn – Self driven – Team work – Good thinking.
(At least, 1-4 years).

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