Simple 3 Pages Website Design From Scratch


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I'm interested in designing a simple yet smart 3 pages

Simple plain website of 3 pages from scratch (Logo is ready)
Where people would all post their top liked topics and share it:
(text , image/vid , tags)
something similar in design in between (9gag, digg) as a reference
page structure, sharing buttons, and icons are key aspect of the project ,, but has to be super super simple

Required designs

Homepage ( with all its hover effects )
Post page ( where you can view the post and then go to the next one )
Create your post with us (upload text and image/vid)


Sources to be submitted once work is confirmed

Its required to submit 2 drafts of the home page in 1-2 days
Expect a 1-2 days for tweeking or re do depends on the outcome
once confirmed, complete all the other pages in 1 day

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