Web Developer


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Web developers design web pages, sites or applications. They listen to user requests and specifications and provide attractive and capable web applications. Developers guarantee built in features for security, compatibility and integration online. They work for organisations, IT companies, agencies, and for themselves offering development or consultancy services.
When building a website, developers assess the structure, appeal, purpose and security. They present the best recommendations and follow the decision of the client. As their reputation is important, a web developer works to create quality and functional web applications. They understand the necessity for quality customer service and rely on customers recommendations to prospective clients.

Skills wanted:
• Knowledge of web development
• Ability to utilise SQL technologies
• Good graphics skills
• Verbal and written communication skills
• Strong problem solving skills
• Be flexible and proficient
• Familiarity with web development regulations
• Be able to meet deadlines
• Manage projects
• Good organisational skills
• Good people skills
• Be innovative and reliable

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