Looking To HIRE An Arabic Speaking Video Editor


تفاصيل الوظيفة

I run a show called Saba7o Korah and need a video Editor!

Saba7o Korah is a weekly Youtube show that talks about football!
Might sound simple but indeed it's not.

The approach of the show is to talk in deep technical and tactical details analyzing football games, while in the same time having some sarcasm and throwing in jokes to keep the general mood of the episode light, fun & entertaining.

I always try to find the light balance between fun & deep technical talks to try and grab audience from the widest range of audience.

My targets are males, usually between the age of 12-45...so Males in general and specifically the ones interested in FOOTBALL!

I need a person who must understand Arabic to be able of editing the clips smoothly and knowledge or passion for Football would be a PLUS. I usually shoot 4 episodes per month, so 1 episode per week and timing is Key here. Once I shoot the video (on my green screen) and transfer the raw clips to you, I will need the finally editted video to be ready within 1-2 days Max, any longer and the material will be outdated and won't grab as much audience.

Please take some time to watch a couple of episodes to have a feel of the show here;

FYI, my show has been featured twice live on Al Jazeera Sports Channel & on a number of highly rated Sports websites in the region and so it could be a great opportunity for your work to reach a wider audience range.


وظائف اخرى