Storyboard Artist


تفاصيل الوظيفة

Receive written and verbal descriptions of a sequence from the Director.
Draw storyboards that depict the action, camera placement, and acting of the characters in that sequence.
Hone, refine, delete, or create dialog where needed.
Present the storyboards to the director and other members of the story team.
Once approved, pass storyboards on to the team.
Create new drawings to fix and change sequences throughout the production process.
Create and pitch alternate story solutions to the director.


A degree or equivalent in Computer Graphics, Animation, Film-making, or other related course
Able to work collaboratively, create and then change gears
Able to work quickly, when necessary
Able to create story ideas and options to story ideas
Composition and presentation skills
Able to present work in a clear and entertaining way
Strong layout and design skills

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