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Visualizing Impact, a Beirut-based design and technology start up, is searching for a Senior Art Director and Intermediate Designer.
Visualizing Impact (VI) (visualizingimpact.org) is a collective that employs research, data, social sciences, technology, design and urban studies to produce creative visuals for social justice. The multidisciplinary team is based in Beirut, with additional bases in Ramallah, Amman, and Dubai.

Visualizing Palestine (VP) (visualizingpalestine.org) is a pilot project of Visualizing Impact. Its mandate is creating visuals for social justice on Palestine.

Role and Description:

Senior Art Director
The position entails leading VI’s creative vision through the responsibilities outlined below, including shaping and managing VI's creative outlook as the leader of our team of designers and storytellers in Beirut.

1. Produce visual content, this entails coming up with powerful visual concepts, drawing on a personal engagement with design theory and practice across disciplines (eg. animation, illustration, graphic design, film making) and producing the final visuals (infographics, motion graphics, animations, web designs, and mobile applications) independently and by leading other designers.
2. Build VI’s creative production capacity, through tapping into creative networks, including building relations with magnets of such networks such as leading international graduate and undergraduate design programs. Building the team requires social and human resource skills, management and leadership, and a strong understanding of the emerging creative fields.
3. Drive the VI brand, where VI holds a number of sub-brands such as Visualizing Palestine and Visualizing Egypt and includes various outputs such as visual media, 3D products, and digital products.
4. Lead a team of designers, where the designers are full time, part time, per project, interns or volunteers.
5. Drive a team of design partners, where building partnerships with designers and design companies is part of VI’s strategy to elevate the standard of production as well as diversify the output within the brand and continuously enhance the production process through exposure and knowledge sharing.
VI Job Proposal and Agreement Terms – October 2013 1
6. Build VI’s commercial capacity, through the development of products.
7. Build VI’s arts output, through building an arts and creativity network aimed at producing derivatives of VI’s output.

This role requires at least 5 years of experience in artistic direction and design production and a minimum of 7 years of total work experience. The candidate needs to be passionate about design, a team player, organized, hardworking, and efficient, and has an inspiring creative vision with above average communication skills. Proficiency in English is required. Comprehension of the Arabic text is required.
VI has a strong preference for candidates with diverse design skills such as (but not limited to) graphic design, UX/UI, illustration, animation, photo- manipulation, and typography.

Terms of agreement
1. This is a full time position.
2. This job requires you to be based in the VI office in Beirut with
possible travel to Amman.
3. A long-term position is based on a two month trial period.

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