Marketing Manager


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A top leading company is looking to hire



- Responsible for overseeing the entire creative process for the companys products and services
- Researching customer markets, monitoring market trends and identifying potential areas based upon consumer needs and spending habits
- Generating names for new and existing products and services, coming up with ideas for new designs, including shape, size, colors, fonts and imagery
- Overseeing the production of TV adverts, newspaper and magazine advertisements, email campaigns, direct mail packs, websites, exhibition stands, shows and coordinating with art designers, copywriters, media buyers and printers
- Supervising the sign off of marketing campaigns, coordinating with legal and compliance personnel, ensuring the designs and messages meet the company brand and regulatory guidelines
- Monitoring product distribution and consumer reactions through focus groups and market research
- To represent the company at all creative meetings, including photo and film shoots
- To be fully responsible for the groups social media activities


- Have an instinctive feeling about future product concepts
- Have good analytical skills
- Be able to work well with a wide range of people from different parts of the business
- Be able to work well under pressure
- Be a good listener, able to respond to results and customer research
- Be an excellent communicator, both verbally and in writing
- Be a team leader, able to inspire others
- Be energetic and passionate about their product speciality
- Be organized and meticulous
- Have good presentation skills
- Able to manage a team


- Be interested in what competitors are doing
- Enjoy working in a busy, deadline-driven, creative environment
- Enjoy working in product management

* Job description includes, but is not limited to the above stated objectives.

Typical working hours for marketing managers are 9am to 6pm. During a major workload, they may put in longer hours to meet the deadline.

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