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  • عمل حر
  • مكان الإقامة:   مصر
  • المهارات :  
  • ميزانية العمل :   غير مقرر
  • سنوات الخبرة :   6-10

The idea is the upgrade of the websites www.cicimeter.com , www.sisimeter.com & www.morsimeter.com where each one of the previous mentioned websites is the election program for each president, on the other hand we need as a youth to have a channel to introduce our ideas in solving our country problems

The Homepage contains 7 blocks
o The Header
o The footer
o Poll
o best implemented ideas block
o Filter
o The user input block
o Slider

1. The Slider block : you should choose the script carefully as we need to introduce daily or weekly ideas under the name “هل تعلم ” So we need a space to put a text & a picture , I prefer the parallax design if possible where the picture appear first then the txt comes later
Eg: هل تعلم انك لو قفلت لمبة 60 واات فى 30 مليون مستخدم هانوفر 200 ميجا وات

2. The poll block : is important to let make a lot of user interact even if they don’t have ideas to add , where the user can vote & check the vote results or even check the old polls

3. The Filter block: is import to let the government filter the huge amount of ideas isa  by
o نوع الملف ( طاقة-امن-بطالة...)
o المحافظة
o المنطقة-الحى-القرية
o المضاف حديثا
o Most liked

4. The best implemented ideas : This is a tool to introduce the good smart implement ideas like Bey2oolak & Easy Taxi & show how it help in solving problems in certain cases where the block will contain a picture or the logo of the project & a few words about it then “read more” where a page contain all the details & the benefits of the idea

5. The user input block: the block contains:
o The user picture
o The date of addition of the idea
o A clickable brief for the idea..then “read more “
o A fixed logo for the kind of the case ex: logo for the power , logo for the education
o Three icons Money , Timing , & Required people where there should be text field beside each icon & the user can mention the values for each field depending on his idea like my idea will take 10 years to be implemented & will save 10,000 job vacancy & the profit will be 10 million EGP & these
o Number of stars which represent the rating or it could be Facebook like , the idea any mean to show the rating of the idea

6. The header: contains the Logo , our Egyptian flag & Facebook login & the Facebook application as done on www.Helpawy.com where a message will be posted on the user profile showing that this user has posted an idea to solve one of our Egyptian problems

7. The Footer: Can contain some number for the ideas added in each category & this section is left for the designer

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