Content Writer / Digital Strategist / PPC


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We are looking for a content writer that has extensive experience in digital marketing strategies.

Ideally, you are someone that has:

* Created content for various purposes and for different channels (bonus if you worked in the medical field)
* Managed at least one Facebook page for a client
* Know the different types of advertising on Facebook
* Managed at least one Twitter account for a client
* Know the different types of Twitter promotions
* Excellent command of at least two social media tools
* Used Instagram to connect with potential clients
* Ran or was part of a team that ran PPC campaigns (AdWords (including YouTube), Facebook, Twitter)
*Have worked with Google AdWords, understand the different types of advertising programs available
* Have worked with Google Analytics. You know how to extract data and compile it to make it information where it will be communicated with stakeholders
* Ability to leverage Google Analytics as a way to determine what words/actions
* You can create a digital marketing strategy based on research and gut feeling
* You have read this job posting, and wrote an actual cover letter of why you're awesome. To make it easier for you, start with "Hey J!" - that will get my attention. Please don't start with Dear Sir/Madame.

Finally, now that we've covered the technical stuff, you have to be creative. You think outside the box You come up with ideas we did not think of. You're comfortable working from home and you have a good sense of humour.

So, who's up for the challenge?

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