Content Coordinator


تفاصيل الوظيفة

  • دوام كامل
  • مكان الإقامة:   لبنان
  • المهارات :  
  • ميزانية العمل :   $2000-$2500
  • سنوات الخبرة :   6-10

The Content and Social Media Coordinator will work with the Community Manager on the day-to-day development and execution of content for our primary social media channels.
The successful candidate will have a strong understanding of editorial development and a deep knowledge of digital channels and their content requirements. The candidate must have strong writing and communications skills and the ability to collaborate to develop relevant content.
This position requires a creative mind, a strong self-initiative, the ability to be flexible as needs change and to execute under a deadline and on short notice.
Minimum 2 years in a content-generating position for any medium either developing content from idea to finished product or supervising production of content. Experience working in an editorial, video/multichannel, or agency environment preferred. Bachelor’s degree in journalism, marketing, advertising, broadcast, digital production or related field, and preferred to be open to all type of industries.
1) Generate story ideas and content for multichannel marketing. Make content recommendations on the basis of customer interest.
2) Set, manage and maintain editorial calendar for blog and Facebook.
3) Oversee conversations on our social media channels, specifically Facebook and Twitter.
4) Write and edit content features under direction of supervisor.
5) Capture video content including interviewing co-workers, guests or VIPs. Editing video within IMovie or other similar editing tool.
6) Assess, curate, and revise/repurpose existing content as needed.
7) Identify and seek estimates for production work if outside services are required.
8) Collaborate with other marketing and PR functions to ensure alignment of editorial and marketing initiatives.

• Strong editing and proofreading skills.
• Experience working with digital video and photo editing tools.
• Understanding or experience working with content management systems.
• Ability to write in a variety of formats and styles for multiple audiences.
• Understanding of and interest in social media and digital communications.
• Ability to multi-task, prioritize projects and meet deadlines.
• Creative with the ability to work within certain boundaries of time.
• High degree of organization and self-motivation.

The candidates meet the above requirements and are interested can apply to this position by emailing a copy of their resume.

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